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A Summer Barbeque For My Swap Family Gets Hot - S7:E7

If four families each gave one member to form a new family, what would happen? Lexi Luna and her swap daughter Lana Smalls are getting ready for a beach day together in this episode of Family Swap. Checking out her switch mom in her bikini, Lana can't get enough of it. The girls' beach day will be interrupted as Vince Karter and his swap son Tyler Cruise get ready for a BBQ. The women are waiting for their food with impatience. In a fit of vengeance for the males interfering with their beach time, the girls resolve to get down on their knees and pull the guys' ass out. Lexi blows Vincent off while Lana makes a move on Tyler. The boys try to ignore it and eat their burgers, but ultimately they can't help themselves. When they confess that they don't want to eat, Lexi and Lana show them where the couch is so they can have some genuine swap family fun. The gals made quite the show of undressing and were very handsy, pushing the guys onto their butts. After that, Lana turns over on her back so Tyler can fuck her, and Vincent finishes eating Lexi before giving her a doggy kiss. As Lexi rides Tyler in reverse cowgirl fashion, Lana gets a dog-style pussy beating from her switch dad. Tyler treats Lana the same way, but Lexi ends up on her back with Vincent giving her a lot of sex. Acknowledging that this was superior to their own plans, they are all happy.

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