For several weeks now, you and your partner Lindsey have been persistently pursuing a threesome. You two have quite different tastes, so it's been harder than you thought to incorporate a third party. Just as you were about to give up, something unexpected happened. You made the decision to ask your friend Lovita, who was totally on board as soon as you mentioned Lindsey's propensity for squirting and the size of your dick. Finally, the day has here, so prepare yourself for the pussy feast of a lifetime and fuck these two blondes as though this is your one and only chance—because, let's face it, it probably is.

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This 8K remastered version of the timeless classic trio features Angela, Ms. White, Gabbie Carter, and two of the greatest pairs of pants in the universe. Angela talks about a fiery ménage à trois, while Ms. White is wearing more sultry knickers. Gabbie Carter is the nicest, bustiest, natural blonde, and two of the greatest pairs of pants are available for players to indulge in. This is a dream come true, so grab your Valve Index, Oculus Go, or Meta Quest 3 and start playing.