Ava Taylor has come over to Mary Jane Jonson's house to have some fun. Ava offers Mary Jane a passionate kiss while dressing as a sultry schoolgirl and going without underwear. Maryjane then takes Ava into the living room, where Van Wylde is waiting. While Mary Jane helps Van undress, Ava, content to watch from the comfort of her couch, lifts her legs to play with her boobs and reaches under her miniskirt to play with her eager twat. As soon as he takes off his clothing, the two girls start acting. They begin by making a spectacle out of taking off their own clothes and kissing each other intensely. Before long, Van is having a double blowout while the girls suck him in with their steaming, moist lips. Before long, Ava is perched on Van's face, allowing his tongue to perform a magical landing strip snatch on her, all the while Mary Jane continues to lick and suckle his dick until it is perfectly firm and ready for her to come on. The girls are having a great time in that posture; Mary Jane is even bending forward to touch Van's tongue, giving Ava's twat double pleasure. But the couple doesn't want to exclude Ava from the enjoyment, so they alter things up. Mary Jane uses a glass dildo to tease and flirt with herself while Ava gets her fuck hole filled by Van's member. Changing things up once more, Van assists the girls as they settle in for a wild and wet 69! As Ava goes all out on Mary Jane's pussy, he takes advantage of her exposed pussy first, plunging in and out of her delicious warmth. Van then switches places with the females, making sure they have Van gets to experience his own climax now that he has gratified his two hotties. He pushes himself to the limit as he poundates Mary Jane's twat, only restraining himself at the last second to pack his cum into Ava's mouth and watch as she snowballs it with Mary Jane so they may both savor the salty conclusion of their passionate encounter.

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