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Game On Stepmom - S18:E10
Fitness Gym
Ricky Spanish, Kimmy Kimm's boyfriend, enters a wrestling competition where Ember Snow, Ricky's stepmother, proposes a leg wrestling match to Kimmy. Kimmy loses again, but Ember offers to help her with squats. Ricky is surprised by Ember's offer, and they engage in a heated competition. Kimmy decides to fuck Ricky more effectively, and Ember lets him fuck her in the dog through the hole in her jeans. The girls argue again, and Ricky smacks Kimmy in the butt before Ricky's father intervenes.
How Can We Thank You - S43:E15
Threesome FFM
Bonnie Dolce and Lilly Bella are appreciative of Raul Costa's quick investigation into their non-functioning fireplace. They invite him to the couch and engage in a heated and sensual beat. Bonnie has her turn with the D, while Lilly sits with her thighs spread wide and her face tucked in between them. Raul observes Lilly as she settles into his lap, meowing with pleasure. When Bonnie's turn comes, they both have one final euphoric hurrah as she feasts on Lilly's pussy. When they are satisfied, the girls ensure Raul receives the right compensation for his work and drag him off for a double facial.
Cum Kisses - S15:E11
Threesome FFM
Adriana Chechik, a woman, surprises Kylie Kalvetti by revealing her nakedness and leading her to Ryan Driller's bedroom. They engage in a double blowout, sucking and licking Ryan's cock. Adriana becomes tired of sucking cock and settles down on Ryan's fuck stick, causing Kylie to pound her pussy furiously. Adriana then climbs on top of Kylie to have sex with Ryan, choosing the tight fuck holes of his choice. Ryan exhausts himself after Kylie achieves another heart-pounding climax, blowing his load on Kylie's belly. Adriana eagerly awaits a long kiss as they finish their romance, eager to lick the salty love off her lover's tummy.