Cory Chase, Juan Loco's stepmother, and he had always gotten along well. Together, they tackle the issue when they start to think that Anny Aurora, Cory's best friend, is having an affair with Juan's father. Anny encounters Cory and Juan when she bursts through the bedroom door, believing that she and Juan's father are alone at home. Anny is seated and given a severe talking to down. When Anny gets up and starts pouring sperm from her twat, things get more hotter. When Cory realizes her best friend has been creampied by her husband, she asks Anny if she takes pregnancy control. Anny acknowledges that she isn't. Cory has quick thinking. She recognizes there's still a chance as she looks at Juan. Because Juan is younger and his sperm will outcompete his dad's, she tells him to fuck Anny and give her a creampie as well. This way, at least, if Anny gets hit, Juan will be the one hurt, not his father. Cory is adamant, but Juan and Anny are doubtful. While Anny is held in Cory's arms, Juan whips it out and shoves it in. Juan discovers that he can't cum immediately away despite the hot puss. After a while, Cory makes the decision to intervene and assist her stepson by blowing his cock and advancing him toward the climax. Cory decides to take matters into her own hands because Juan is still not ready to propose. Cory lowers herself to ride Juan in reverse cowgirl fashion, straddling her stepson's lap. Eventually, Anny goes on her hands and knees so Juan can do her from behind while she watches Cory masturbate. Seeing Cory and Juan makes Anny hotter than she could have ever imagined. After the females share Juan's cock and suck their own fuck stick juices, Cory gets one last chance to have sex The sight is so seductive that Cory finds herself considering altering her original plans. When the unplanned threesome ends, Cory is the one to accept Juan's creampie, which spills over and runs down her legs.

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