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Ill Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours - S2:E6

If four families each gave one member to form a new family, what would happen? In this episode of Family switch, AJ and Harlow West, the switch siblings, engage in a little game of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours. " When their switch parents, Sam Shock and Artemisia Love, walk in on them, Harlow has pushed her miniskirt up and popped her tits out of her top, and AJ has plunged his finger into her pussy. The parents suspect something, but they don't know for sure because the kids have just enough time to pull a ruse. The adults urge Harlow and AJ to tidy up after themselves and go rather than confronting them. Harlow does begin tidying up, but she can't resist the need to give AJ a quick pat on the hardon as he approaches from behind. All AJ needs is that invitation to walk right up to Harlow and give her a hard-on. This time, Artemisia and Sam manage to catch the youngsters in the act, but their embarrassment does not stop them from forcing AJ to stop fucking Harlow. AJ's penance is to continue fucking Harlow until he pops in her pussy for a creampie, which is how he gets punished instead. To Artemisia's surprise, the exchange siblings believe that's the end of it. They had no idea that Sam and Artemisia have more planned. A few days later, the kids watch as the adults get active on the couch! The kids want to know what's going on by the time Sam is finger banging Artemisia and she is giving him a handie. The grownups argue that the youngsters may watch the older people fucking in return because they had to see AJ and Harlow. Artemisia tells Harlow to start sucking AJ off as soon as she gets on Sam's schlong and begins to ride. Harlow is compliant enough to ride her switch brother in no time. AJ flips Artemisia onto her back so he can eat her pussy while she hops off to blow Sam's cock. The girls then switch places so that Harlow can get that bald pussy pounded by her exchange dad and AJ can have milf sex with his swap mommy. AJ ends with one last cream pie, this one from the heart of Artemesia. Sam also gives Harlow a creampie, which makes her squirt with pleasure because it makes her so aroused.

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