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Our First Session - S43:E2
Threesome FFM
Alex Coal, a sex therapist, introduces Chad Alva and Molly Little as new clients. They discuss their personal lives and Alex's impolite approach, which has always produced results. They engage in tactile explorations, with Alex pushing Chad to remove Molly's shirt and palm her tits. Molly interferes, and they work on their asses together. Alex emphasizes that Chad must listen to Molly's needs and meet her to express herself. Molly jumps atop Chad's hardon, and Alex licks Chad's balls. As they fuck and masturbate, Chad grants her request, and they decide on their next meeting.
What Secrets - S44:E6
Threesome FFM
Jayla De Angelis and Sharon White are flirtatious in the kitchen while their boyfriend Raul Costa lounges. Sharon becomes increasingly flirtatious, sucking her nipples and consuming her love's pussy secretions. Raul wants to get involved, but Jayla tries to hold the moan as her secret love consumes her. Raul kneels between Sharon's thighs and burrows his hand into her velvet glove, causing her to moan loudly. Jayla places her snatch precisely above Sharon's mouth, providing complete sensuous enjoyment. Raul assists Jayla in getting back on his cock, riding him in reverse cowgirl mode. Jayla rubs her feet and nibbles her toes while hitting all of her. Finally, the girls drop to their knees and assist Raul in blowing his load into their mouths, allowing them to exchange cummy kisses and call off their threesome.
The Good Life - S44:E30
Threesome FFM
Blake Blossom directs and produces a new series of pictures featuring Vanna Bardot and Chad Alva. The shoot intensifies in sex, with the trio exposing their breasts and sucking and squeezing. Chad is included in the action, allowing them to see Blake's body up close. Blake leans forward and caresses Chad's posterior, while Vanna enjoys the honey between Blake's thighs. Blake and Vanna switch places, and Blake takes her turn on Chad, while Vanna tags out and slurps her juices from his hardon.