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Handle Your Man - S37:E12
Threesome FFM
Jessie Saint and her husband, Seth Gamble, are struggling with marital issues. Jessie serves her friend Alex Coal, who shares her feelings for Seth and suggests that a threesome could sometimes revive a marriage's flame. Alex agrees to support Jessie, and when Seth ignores Jessie's advances, he follows her into the bedroom and sucks Seth's cock. Jessie learns new gobbling tactics from Alex, and they enjoy a pussy feast. Seth follows Jessie home, giving her a puppy. As Seth watches her eat her friend out while he fucks her, the spark returns. Seth drags Alex up onto him for a rough and tumble, and Jessie gesticulates to see her husband fucking her friend. By the time the girls form a triangle of love, Jessie's pussy is saturated with the sight and sensations.
Busty Babe From Beyond The Veil - S17:E3
Chad Alva and his girlfriend Skylar Snow rent a house with a creepy meter rating of 10/10, believing it to be a seductive retreat. Skylar tells them about Mona Azar, a haunted dancer, who is in the room. Initially, they cannot see Mona, but Skylar senses her presence and enjoys her touch. They start dating seriously, revealing their breasts. When Chad returns from his breather, Mona invites him to participate in their sexual encounter. They make out, and Mona investigates the chocolate starfish by sticking her tongue in Skylar's twat. Chad dives into her on her hands and knees, and Mona receives the D once more. Skylar cruises along on Mona's tongue, curling up and giving her open mouth a facial.
I Will Not Look At My Stepmoms Tits - S15:E10
Threesome FFM
Rion King is facing consequences for spying on his stepmother, Lexi Luna. Aila Donovan, Lexi's friend, notices Rion peeking down her shirt and writing. Despite her anger, Aila and Lexi run to buy food and ask Rion to help them put things away. Rion has a sexual vision where he sees his stepmother and her best friends, Lexi and Aila, on their knees in lingerie. Aila tries to humiliate Rion by revealing their breasts, but it doesn't work out. The girls reprimand Rion by tagging him and giving him a stiffie ride in cowgirl. As Rion's boner lasts, Lexi lies down and lets him beat her, while Aila seizes the chance to ride her friend's mouth. The girls hope they've cured Rion of his obsession.
Keeping Promises Remastered
Threesome FFM
This 8K remastered version of the timeless classic trio features Angela, Ms. White, Gabbie Carter, and two of the greatest pairs of pants in the universe. Angela talks about a fiery ménage à trois, while Ms. White is wearing more sultry knickers. Gabbie Carter is the nicest, bustiest, natural blonde, and two of the greatest pairs of pants are available for players to indulge in. This is a dream come true, so grab your Valve Index, Oculus Go, or Meta Quest 3 and start playing.