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Game On Stepmom - S18:E10
Fitness Gym
Ricky Spanish, Kimmy Kimm's boyfriend, enters a wrestling competition where Ember Snow, Ricky's stepmother, proposes a leg wrestling match to Kimmy. Kimmy loses again, but Ember offers to help her with squats. Ricky is surprised by Ember's offer, and they engage in a heated competition. Kimmy decides to fuck Ricky more effectively, and Ember lets him fuck her in the dog through the hole in her jeans. The girls argue again, and Ricky smacks Kimmy in the butt before Ricky's father intervenes.
Remembering The College Days - S2:E7
Threesome FFM
In this text, the girls, Sharon White, Zlata Shine, Nikki Nutz, and Sam Bourne, go on a trip down memory lane from college. They make out in the hallway, and Sharon becomes intense with Sam, wanting to continue their group sex tradition. The boys have a full-on foursome, and Nikki hits Sharon's crotch. They bow down, and each takes a load, with Zlata receiving a face and Sharon receiving an ass.
I Win On Game Day - S3:E6
Lily Larimar and Britt Blair dress sexily for a big game, hoping Nathan Bronson will notice them. They play with the girls, and Nathan is taken aback when Lily jumps into his lap. The girls argue over whether Nathan moves his balls. Lily pulls Nathan's ass out and gives Britt a dare to suck it. They share his large one in a double BJ. Lily slides Nathan home, tags out with Britt, and lets Nathan fuck her in a doggie manner.
Do You Want To Play A Game - S29:E2
Myra Moans, Megan Marx, and her stepbrother Parker Ambrose are trapped in a bedroom wearing Halloween costumes. They must strip to escape, and a key drops from Parker's clothing. They play a game where Myra must suck him off while Megan watches. The TV returns, and they decide to remain or leave to watch their captor. After a double blowjob, they saddle up Parker, and Myra nibbles Megan, enjoying a treat. At the end, the girls share their treat when Parker jerks off in his own chamber.
I Want To See My Stepsisters Tits - S30:E3
Girl / Girl
Joshua Lewis enjoys watching Delilah Day and her companion Maya Woulfe, who engage in sexual activities with him. They torment Joshua by adjusting their shirts, knowing he's trying to catch glimpses of their tits. After Joshua's peacemaking, the girls realize they want his sperm and know how to obtain it. They give Joshua a stiffie massage and suck him, with Maya riding Joshua in cowgirl attire. Delilah experiences a dog-like pounding, while Maya enjoys the stiffie and creampie.
Your Stepbrother Has A Big Dick - S30:E11
Amber Summer, the new stepsister of Apollo Banks, and her friend Skyler Storm are in their bedroom, attempting to get into his pants. After her stepfather refuses, Amber convinces Apollo to have a good dick. They alternate sucking, and Apollo can easily slip home. Skyler scales Amber's face and rides her tongue, while Amber eats her BFF out. Apollo pounds Amber and Skylar, leaving a mess for the two coeds to clean.
Stepsis And Her Friend Need My Secret Ingredient - S2:E10
Threesome FFM
On Thanksgiving, Theodora Day invites her best friend Freya Parker to prepare a unique dish using sperm, cum crepes. Codey Steele, her stepbrother, is impressed by Theodora's cuisine and decides to use semen for cooking. Codey, unaware of the recipe, is pursued by the girls, leading to a heated argument. Theodora and Freya work together to blow Codey's cock, causing him to fall in love. Theodora takes him on her side to enjoy the dish.
Sizing Up Our Valentines Day Dick - S26:E1
Threesome FFM
Lulu Chu and Kyler Quinn are making Valentine's Day cock decorations for their partners. Lulu's stepbrother, Ricky Spanish, enters and questions their activities. They decide to test their cock rings on Ricky, who is a huge boob fan. Lulu gets down on her knees to tug Ricky's pants down, while Kyler uses the goods to divert his attention. She discovers the ring is too small to fit Ricky's stiffie, implying he has a bigger dick. Ricky is shocked and Lulu gets one last chance to hit the D while lying on her back. Kyler gives Lulu a passionate kiss.
Adding Stepsis And Her Friend To The Spank Bank - S22:E12
Threesome FFM
Cody Carter, his stepsister Gracie Gates and friend Brookie Blair, find the girls' excessive loudness bothering and takes images of women in skimpy shorts as revenge. Gracie approaches Cody for a ride to the beach, but he refuses due to lack of money for gas. The girls return to Cody's room, and they share a double blowie, leaving him smooth with their spit and hard as a rock. Cody enjoys a threesome with his stepfamily, eating Brookie's pussy and Gracie's pussy. Gracie and Brookie continue to fuck, with Cody riding Brookie's tongue and Brookie getting pounded on the creamy cowgirl ride.