Van Wylde enters the bedroom where Alexis Adams and Scarlet Red are already flirting and making out. Van Wylde's only goal is to make both of these gorgeous beauties cum. His face is buried in Scarlet's landing strip pussy as he begins his hunt for their pleasure, and his hand wanders to Alexis's snatch to feel around her velvety folds. Van pretends to be all about Alexis, but the brunette reaches out to make sure Scarlet is getting attention too. It's now time for the females to engage in some lighthearted oral activities! They move from their standing positions to lie down next to Van on the bed, and they use their anxious hands and tongues to remove his briefs before they begin working. The girls are eager to share so they can each suck cock and lick balls to their hearts' content, but Scarlet is the first to take Van's dick in her mouth. Scarlet does a reverse cowgirl ride that nearly defies gravity by climbing on top of Van and sliding down on his member with the help of the curtains. Between Scarlet's bounces, Alexis is happy to stroke Van's cock and balls, ensuring that her two companions have an amazing time. When the girls switch roles, Alexis relishes her bouncing stiffie ride while Scarlet treats her loves with the same care. The females then go up next to one other on their hands and knees and show Van his selection of pussies for a doggy-style fuck. Alexis attempts to fondle her friend's tits and keep her steady during the intense pussy pounding till Scarlet is groaning in ecstasy as he dives in to her snatch first. Next comes Alexis's turn, and she enthusiastically gives Van the same orgasmic Scarlet recognizes that she's still not quite happy even if Alexis is having her fair share of fucks. That's okay though, because Scarlet may use the curtains to arrange her pussy for the ideal licking position and Alexis will always be content to eat her lover out, allowing them to both relive the heart-pounding bliss. Van eventually loses stamina after giving Scarlet one last fuck in her delicious pussy. He pulls out and ruins Scarlet's soft mound in the process, while Alexis leans over to drink his man juice and relish the briny conclusion to their wild trio.

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