If four families each gave one member to form a new family, what would happen? There's a lot of friction amongst the four family members in this episode of Family Swap. As MJ Fresh, the swap daughter, pursues a career in fashion, she persuades Tyler Nixon and Dan Ferrari, the switch dad and brother, to model for her. As the show opens, Macey Jade, the exchange mom, walks in. MJ agrees with Macey's desire to assist in the courtroom. MJ and Macey rank Dan and Tyler after they emerge. Subsequently, MJ proposes that the boys should undress to their boxers. Although Macey is apprehensive, the boys appear willing. Tyler obviously has a hardon because the boys are only wearing their underpants at this point. This incites MJ to demand that her male models strip off so that she can assign them the appropriate rating. All three of her swap family members give her some grief, but MJ agrees to show the guys her boobs in exchange for their showing her their dicks. They comply when you do it. Macey pushes it as far as she can in the interim. After the boys finish it, she says she needs to see them up close in order to rate them accurately. After examining and giving each dick a little amount of caress, Macey determines she really likes both of them and invites MJ to come have a closer look. MJ is excited to join in on the fun with her exchange mom as she's already been rubbing her own pussy while watching Macey in action. Macey decides to take on Dan's cock full-time for the time being, leaving Tyler's for MJ to investigate until they switch partners. They all move to the couch in search of a more comfortable environment, so it Once more switching partners, the girls drop to their hands and knees to allow Dan to strike Macey, and Tyler to strike MJ. The girls spread their thighs for their original partners to deliver it to them as they rolled onto their backs. The boys only need to be in that position to cross each other's finish line. With a creampie, Tyler shoves deep into Macey's glut, and Dan follows suit with MJ. After all, everyone in the exchange family agrees that the fashion show was a big success.

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