When Joseline Kelly's stepfather Chad White storms into Ashlee Mae's home, Joseline has fled. Chad has Ashlee and Joseline grope each other's tits while kissing after realizing that they want to be together. He does this by taking off their shirts. Although the two girls are intensely attracted to one another, they can't resist the opportunity to have sex with Chad, especially as he begins slapping one bubble butt after another. Chad, intent on teaching both ladies a lesson, takes out his cock and lies down on the bed, allowing Ashlee and Joseline to alternately encircle it with their velvety lips. As he loves his double blowjob, his stiffie only gets harder, and he becomes more and more desperate to fuck Ashlee when she turns to tease Chad's hardon by catching just the tip. Joseline is content to let her stepdad rule her creamy landing strip fuck hole instead of kissing her friend's behind. Joseline is eager to resume using her tongue to please Ashlee when it's her turn to get her pussy hammered. With nothing stopping them now, the three try every possible position for each other's amusement. When Ashlee's twat is covering Joseline's pleasuous cries, Chad can't stop ramming his dick hard into her in a dog-style fuck. Ashlee excitedly pulls Joseline on top of her face for her own pussy feast after letting Chad piledrive her thirsty snatch while she's on her back. Once the girls are satiated, they give Chad one last blowout, which culminates when he gives them both a double facial and cums all over them.

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