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A Gift From My Wife - S37:E27
Threesome FFM
Jazmin Luv, a devoted woman, hesitates to introduce her friend Rachel Rivers to her boyfriend Kyle Mason. Before Kyle arrives home, Jazmin invites Rachel over for a private moment. Rachel is initially hesitant, but Jazmin reveals her intentions and sucks her into her ass. Kyle startsles Jazmin, but she takes it lightly, allowing him to be lured into a cocksucking threesome. Rachel sucks Kyle's fuck stick, and Jazmin eats her alive. The girls then have Kyle lie down, allowing Jazmin to ride him while displaying intense enjoyment. Rachel burys her face between Jazmin's thighs, and Jazmin kills Rachel just as Kyle kills her. The girls band together to give Kyle a double blowout, and Kyle finally gives Rachel a lucky "cum shot."
Mom Got Caught - S4:E6
Threesome FFM
Maddy Rose witnesses her stepmother Ariella Ferrera getting her twat hammered by Johnny Castle. Maddy confesses she has never been given a blowjob or played with her own twat. Ariella teaches her the ropes, starting with toying with her clit and putting fingers inside her snatch. They proceed to a blowjob tutorial, with Johnny helping Maddy warm up. Ariella positions her tits and soft twat above Maddy's mouth to be eaten out. The trio changes things up to allow Johnny to indulge in Ariella's fuck hole, and Maddy embarks on her first stiffie ride. Ariella teaches Maddy to make her boyfriend cum, pushing him over the limit and causing him to spit on her furry mound.
Teachers Assignment - S1:E2
Threesome FFM
Aaliyah Love confronts Bambino, who is distracted by basketball and has been in love with his teacher. Violet discovers them and offers to help Aaliyah get Bambino sucked off. Aaliyah helps Violet undress and gets her on the ground to suck Bambino's cock. They engage in a series of fucking, with Violet even sticking her pussy in her mouth to stop her screaming. Aaliyah is not satisfied with the results and gives Violet another chance to get her fucked out. Aaliyah uses her skills to encircle Bambino's member, and he covers Aaliyah's lips and Violet's bare snatch, leaving both women delighted.