Silvia Saige is checking herself out in the mirror after getting out of the shower when her husband Dalton Lee stops by. Though he shouldn't be able to resist his bigtit attractive wife, he nevertheless wears his Santa costume to work. Dalton lets go of the suit and leads Silvia to her bed, where he indulges in his creamy pussy. Silvia and Dalton are unaware that their adopted daughter Nikole Nash, who has long harboured feelings for her father, witnesses their antics and finds them endearing. When Nikole hears her stepbrother approaching, she leaves. Kyle Mason, Dalton's son, takes advantage of the chance to slip in and take the Santa outfit as he witnesses his parents getting dirty. Kyle gets dressed up in the Santa costume in the living room later that night and watches to see what happens. It doesn't take him long to catch Nikole's eye as she gets a glass of water. She perceives this as her chance to woo the man she believes to be her adoptive father. After removing Kyle's dick from the costume, she gives him the full suck and settles into his lap for a stiffie ride. Right as Silvia enters, Nikole discovers that it's Kyle who is riding. Silvia thinks Santa is actually Dalton and, before Nikole has a chance to hide, she goes undressed and sits down on the D in reverse cowgirl pose. When Nikole discovers that her mother is having an affair with her stepson, she comes out as jealous and lets everyone know. The girls argue until Kyle loses patience and reminds them that the whole goal of the season is to give. That is sufficiently persuasive. Silvia and Nikole make the decision to collaborate for the benefit of all. They begin with a blowjob, which allows them to alternate between sucking balls and shafts. When Kyle fucks mother from behind, Silvia gets down on her knees on the chair to continue lapping at Niko's twat. As Kyle banks his sis, Silvia gets to ride Nikole's face. After that, Silvia rides her stepson's mouth while Nikole gives Kyle a stiffie ride. Kyle then lies down. After enjoying their Christmas treat to the fullest, the girls team up once more to serve shoddy BJs till Kyle gets into Nikole's mouth. As his stepmother cleanly licks his dick, Kyle's jizz slides down his sister's chin.

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