On Valentine's Day, Molly Little's lover Codey Steele gives her some amusing presents. When Molly believes she has opened everything, Codey gives her one last gift: a bullet vibrator that can be controlled remotely. Molly is excited to wear it on their upcoming date night, as per his request. Molly gets ready to go, shoving the object into her tight snatch. Codey gives it a go right then and there, to his small girlfriend's sultry groans. Molly gets noisy when she cums, therefore he should turn it off, but it won't turn off. They attempt to remove the vibrator, but her pussy is too firmly clamped down to be able to be freed. Lauren Phillips, Molly's stepmother, enters to investigate the noise. She also makes an attempt to turn off the toy. When that fails, Lauren instructs Codey to massage Molly's clit as she tugs. Lauren informs Molly that she must cum really forcefully because the vibrator is still stuck. Unless Lauren fucks Codey in front of Molly, she says she can't. Lauren spreads her thighs and hikes up her miniskirt in a panic. Molly asks her partner to fuck her, and she urges Codey to do the same. Watching Codey shove it in gives Molly just the huge climax she needs to finally release the vibrator. Taking part in the sensual enjoyment would be a perfect way to celebrate. Molly gives her stepmother's enormous titties a mouthful before tagging out so Lauren may assist Codey in giving her a doggy fuck. After sharing a BJ, the women get on Codey's back and ride him. Once again, it's Molly's turn, and Lauren is right there to support her as she puts Codey on her back. When Codey does eventually pull out, the girls have a surprise to share as he cums all over Molly's twat.

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Molly Little and Angel Gostosa are decorating for a party for the new year. Molly's stepbrother Nathan Bronson watches as the girls express their desire for cute boys. Molly promises Nathan a threesome if he removes their bras before the countdown. Nathan rehearses and pulls it off, surprising the girls. They celebrate with ball sucking and deep throat face fucking. Molly eats Angel out, and the girls switch places. Nathan and Angel continue their celebration, mirroring Molly's behavior.
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