While relaxing in Tristan's room, Madison Summers and her pal are reading all of the Valentine's cards that they have each gotten. Madison is ecstatic when Tristan's stepbrother, Kyle Mason, shows up to offer the two girls his own Valentine's Day presents. She wishes she had a brother who treated her with such kindness. Tristan has noticed how much Kyle lusts for her, and she's thought of a concept Madison could find appealing. The girls collaborate to create a "Free Use" voucher, which Madison subsequently offers to Kyle as a Valentine's Day present. However, she informs Kyle that he must cash it in within the next week. After holding onto his gift for a couple of days, Kyle waits for Madison to finish hanging out with Tristan. As Tristan receives the card, Kyle approaches him while the girls are preparing popcorn to watch a movie. Tristan gladly obliges. When Kyle first asks to touch Tristan's large tits, she complies with his request with pleasure. At first, Madison is content to watch the show and eat some popcorn while Kyle receives permission to go below and remove his stepsister's thong in order to give her a pussy rub. However, she stops him in his tracks as he tries to whip the D out to fuck Tristan, directing him to the couch and making it obvious that he must also sex with Madison as part of the bargain. Kyle couldn't possibly refuse that? Tristan licks Kyle like her favorite lollipops at first, keeping him all to herself. But after a while, she beckons Madison to accompany her. Madison lays back and masturbates as she watches, but Tristan is the first to get on board for a stiffie ride. The girls share Tristan doesdles Madison's clit as she goes for it in reverse cowgirl fashion. The girls trade places. Madison falls to her knees and cries with pleasure as Kyle gives her a dog. She eventually stops moaning by stuffing her sticky twat into her busty BFF's mouth. Tristan, who's already on Madison's back, slips forward with ease so that she can cuddle up to him and watch as Kyle gives her a missionary fuck before giving her a holiday cream pie.

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