If four families each gave one member to form a new family, what would happen? The swap family has opted to watch the Big Game together in this episode of Family Swap. Robby Echo and his swap dad Dick Chibbles support one squad, while Lulu Chu and her switch mom Aila Donovan support the other. The girls choose to place a wager since they are so sure of their team's supremacy. If their team loses, Lulu and Aila swear they'll show their tits. Lulu offers to even add her pussy to the mix, going above and above. Just picture the girls' dismay when their team ultimately loses. As it happens, Dick is on the side of his swap daughter, Lulu, and she doesn't want to display her twat to her exchange family. However, Aila truly misses the D because she is accustomed to have sex with her normal family every day. She demands that they fulfill their half of the wager because she wants her exchange family to become more intimate. She notices that Robby is nice and hard as she showcases her gorgeous jugs. She reaches over and grabs a handie for herself. Lulu quickly finds herself sucking her exchange dad off since Dick and Lulu can't help but find the sight attractive. Aila quickly follows Robbie's lead. All that's left to do is indulge in pleasure now that Aila has managed to get her swap family in the right frame of mind. Lulu and Aila enjoy simultaneous stiffie rides, hopping onto each other's dicks. Each begins as a cowgirl and progresses to a reverse cowgirl. As the females lay on their backs and each elevate a leg, the boys switch partners, allowing Robbie to savor Lulu's twat and Dick to sink his teeth into Aila's pussy. The girls take turns giving each other doggy-style pussy poundings while on their hands and knees, still with the same partners. They also share wet kisses. The lads nut each other for double family-style creampies, high-fiving above the backs of the gals they're fucking.

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