Alecia Fox and Charlie Red were gracious enough to participate in a lingerie picture shoot with Angelo Godshack. Angelo becomes increasingly aware of Charlie and Alecia's intense attraction to one another as he holds the camera longer. Furthermore, they are staring at him with amorous eyes, and Angelo isn't so naive as to ignore their signal. Angelo joins the girls while they kiss so they may make better use of those mouths, sucking his erect cock. The redhead and blonde would be pleased to continue the celebration, but they must move in order to do so. They let Angelo help them out of their bras and knickers for the shoot's after-party as they led him to the bedroom. Angelo succumbs to the temptation to dip his head and sample Charlie's luscious secretions before he can even finish his work. Alecia, unable to miss the chance to touch her partner, strokes Charlie's tits and then takes up residence in his mouth while Angelo finger bangs her and then replaces his fingers with his cock. The ultimate foreplay for Alecia is when Angelo fucks the redhead while rubbing Charlie's clit. As Angelo's hips work Charlie's fuck hole, they make intense eye contact and have the sexiest possible makeout. Alecia eventually has the opportunity to climb on top of Charlie and get on her hands and knees, with her twat hovering over Charlie's face and Angelo's cock balls buried deep in her fuck hole, when Charlie turns around. Alecia's new position allows her to continue touching Charlie's clit while Charlie sucks her clit and Angelo penetrates her. Alecia is left gasping and groaning as a bone-melting climax takes hold of her body thanks to Angelo and Charlie's combined efforts. As Alecia descends from her climax, Angelo gives her a firm kiss on the nape of her neck. The girls wind up Angelo for another round of steamy loving while banding together to take another BJ. Charlie gets up on Angelo's just-fluffed fuck stick and rides him while Alecia helps her enjoy herself even more. Angelo spoons behind her and goes all out with his hardon, rewarding the blonde for her patience. Alecia enthusiastically keeps her magic hands moving on Charlie's clitoris while she's getting her needs met. Charlie takes a turn holding Alecia while Angelo gradually dials it down; the blonde is receiving a D. Angelo continues for as long as he can, but ultimately his stamina runs out. When he pulls out, his large load covers Alecia's tummy, and the two girls are content with their post-work coitus.

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