Both Stacy Cruz and Darcia Lee look amazing in bras and thongs. Along with Darcia, Stacy is wearing a blindfold as she follows her into the room for a major reveal. Naturally, Stacy knows that the surprise is actually someone else because she senses two pairs of hands and tongues assisting her in taking off her clothes. She is unaware that Jason X is the other individual. Darcia and Jason put Stacy in their way by working together, kissing and caressing her till she is nude. Subsequently, Darcia positions Stacy on her knees while Jason pulls out his cudgel. Stacy explores the situation with her tongue and hands, and his hardon is ready for her. As they stand above her, Darcia and Jason plant a kiss. When Stacy's blindfold is finally removed, Darcia assists her girlfriend in collapsing into the couch. Darcia then lies on top of her. Both girls can easily reach Jason's hardon from this position. While Stacy is prepared and ready to gulp up her boyfriend's balls, Darcia gets to take turns sucking him off. Eventually, Darcia discovers that Jason is eating her out from behind while she is in the middle of a passionate sandwich. To enjoy her friend's snatch, she buries her face in Stacy's cream-filled fuck hole in the interim. Stacy can't take her hands off her protruding breasts while Darcia works her tongue magic. When Jason penetrates Darcia from behind, she lets out a long, loud groan, making her fuck hole the most sensuous gag imaginable. After that, the females watch for Jason to take Darcia's place. Darcia mounts his fuck stick for a long, swaying, stiffie ride when he's on his back. Meanwhile, Stacy plants her pussy on Jason's mouth so he can keep on lapping away at her delicious musk. When they switch places, Darcia gets to experience part of Jason's oral pleasure while Stacy gets her fuck hole filled, and Darcia is even more in love with every second of having Jason buried inside her. After riding Jason until they are completely worn out, Stacy and Darcia reunite to suck his stiffie. As Jason nears the edge of his endurance, their double blowjob finally pays off in a seductive way. As the girls enjoy their salty treat, he blows his load into Darcia's mouth, allowing her to mix his jizz with Stacy.

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