Although Erica Fontes adores Giovanni, her lover, she hopes to share him with another lady in the future. Her man can't believe his good fortune when she recommends getting brunette beauty Jessi Palmer into the bedroom! The two girls work their mouths over Giovanni's long, firm shaft, exchanging a succession of passionate kisses. Before long, Jessi is lying on the bed with Erica nursing her swollen breasts and Giovanni's dick buried deep in her sobbing pussy. Jessi snaps to focus, orgasming quickly. She lets Erica take over as the focus of attention after basking in the happiness for a short while. With great excitement, Giovanni licks Erica's shaved yet juicy pussy with his warm tongue while Jessi licks her way across her perky tits. To recover control, Erica tries to move Jessi onto her back, but Giovanni won't allow his wife to leave without cumming! Erica is trapped in place by Jessi's arms as Givoanni mounts her from behind and stoop down to kiss her delicately along her neck. Erica mounts her boyfriend in a reverse cowgirl fashion, finally ready to give in to her lover's need for her to cum. Erica tells Jessi that the sensation is so incredible that she should ride her stud to feel it before she settles back into Givoanni's really firm dick. Erica's partner is content to show off to both stunning women till they become satiated and collapse into the bed. Jessi uses her hands to assist her beloved in getting all over Erica's gorgeous body as she cradles him between her legs.

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