If four families each gave one member to form a new family, what would happen? Andi Rose wants to know in this episode of Family switch which of her switch dad, Brock Cooper, or her swap brother, Codey Steele, has a bigger dick. She talks about wanting huge juicy sausages for dinner, starting the celebration during a family meal. Everyone is aware of Andi's actions, even Reagan Foxx, her switch mother. Even after Reagan shuts it down, Andi doesn't give up. She waits till Brock and Codey are seated next to each other on the couch before putting herself in between them. Andi urges the boys to undress and do their own laundry after reprimanding them for letting Reagan do all of their washing. She also adds that she wants to measure both of their dicks—the soft and the hard—to find out which is larger. Andi pulls her top up and takes a hand from each person to put it on her boob, defying Brock's attempts to warn her no. How is a hot-blooded man to do anything except savor that? Reagan chastises the switch family for not taking this seriously as she exits the laundry room. She demands their garments so she may wash them as a kind of punishment. Right now. Andi finds it impossible to resist when both boys are nude. She drops to her knees and begins caressing Brock. Reagan is furious, but as Andi lays her hand on Codey's hardon and her swap mom's, Reagan starts to get what Andi is talking about. It makes sense that both girls would start caressing and wildly blowing their selected dick right away. This exchange family won't settle for anything less than an orgy once they've all committed! The boys settle down on the couch so that Andi may mirror her exchange mom on Brock's cock and Reagan can mount Codey's hardon. As the girls bounce away, the boys Next, they lift the lads up so that they can lay on their backs, with Codey handing it to Andi and Brock hitting Reagan. In order for Brock to give Andi one more orgasm while Codey does the same for Reagan, the females return to their original lovers. The guys can't contain themselves any longer; Cody swiftly follows suit for Reagan as Brock gives the first creampie deep into Andi's snatch. As the females recover from their passionate meeting, they lick each other's sperm off their fingers.

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