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How Can We Thank You - S43:E15
Threesome FFM
Bonnie Dolce and Lilly Bella are appreciative of Raul Costa's quick investigation into their non-functioning fireplace. They invite him to the couch and engage in a heated and sensual beat. Bonnie has her turn with the D, while Lilly sits with her thighs spread wide and her face tucked in between them. Raul observes Lilly as she settles into his lap, meowing with pleasure. When Bonnie's turn comes, they both have one final euphoric hurrah as she feasts on Lilly's pussy. When they are satisfied, the girls ensure Raul receives the right compensation for his work and drag him off for a double facial.
Whats Yours Is Mine - S44:E24
Threesome FFM
Freya Parker and Chanel Camryn rent a home and discover Ryan McLane wrapped in a towel. Chanel is drawn to Ryan, but Freya is defensive. Chanel makes overt sexual advances while Freya and Ryan try to work through the situation. Chanel caresses Ryan's attractive manhood, kissing his lips and performing a double BJ. The girls push Ryan into the couch, grabbing whatever they want. Chanel helps Freya with her cowgirl ride, wets Ryan's dick, and formally involves him in their passionate exchange. Ryan lets Chanel off, blowing Freya off, leaving the girls with a delicious treat.
The Doppelganger - S43:E10
At a party, Ryan Mclean and Aubree Valentine are tasked with choosing a room for a ride on Little Red Riding Hood. However, they mistakenly believe it's Aubree, Maya Woulfe. Ryan crawls into bed, letting Maya blow his cock. Aubree returns, and Maya finds her boyfriend being blown off by another woman. Aubree agrees to spread love, and they engage in a passionate relationship. Ryan lies down in bed, allowing the girls to have their way with him. Maya, who is out on Ryan in cowgirl attire, pulls out just in time to give the girls a boost.