To get a ride to the mall, Macy Meadows and her friend Brookie Blaire storm into Anthony Pierce's house. Anthony only wants to view their boobs, despite their many offers of ways to recompense him. Brookie gives Anthony a curious glance before following Macy as he storms out. Macy attempts to express regret for her stepbrother's infatuation, but Brookie remains unfazed. She advises trying twerking and donning tight shorts to see if it works. But Anthony says no tits, no ride, even if both girls are dressed skanky. When Brookie consents to show Anthony her genitalia, their relationship takes a spicy new turn. Brookie is allowing Anthony to lick her tits and then sucking his dick before Macy has a chance to resist. After pointing out that he can see through Macy's fingers, Anthony gets Macy to concede that it's incredibly hot. Brookie is there to really shove down so that Macy's BFF is deep throating the cock when she tries to pull off her own blowjob. As they exchange kisses, the girls go one step farther. Macy eats Brookie out to warm her up, then gets down on her knees so Anthony can give her a puppy. Neither girl can suppress her squeals of excitement when they trade places and Brookie gets it from her stepbro while eating her pal out. As Macy moves to the edge of the bed to allow Anthony to get to her shaved twat while she lies on her back, Brookie remains on her hands and knees, her twat hovering over Macy's face. Then Macy rides Brookie's face while she enjoys her stepbro's dick on her back. After he's had both girls off, Anthony pops a nut in Macy's mouth, allowing the girls to

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