Chanel Camryn is seated between her stepbrother Lucas Frost and her pal Katie Kush. Lindsay Lee, Lucas's mother, observes that the three of them are silent. Lindsay is merely relieved to see that they are all getting along, but she is unaware that this is because they have just finished having a fucktastic threesome. Lucas waited for Lindsay to go before pleading with Chanel to let him fuck her friend after she had left the stepsiblings and Katie earlier. As long as Chanel can observe, they both agree. They initially say that in order to prevent Lucas from hitting Katie, she should use a condom, which Katie does with her mouth. However, as soon as Katie places Lucas's hands on Chanel's crotch, she removes the condom. The next thing Lucas knows, his stepsister and her attractive buddy are giving him the runaround. In order for Katie to see Lucas's cock slip in, Chanel gets down on her knees. Content, Katie drops on her knees in front of Chanel, ready for her best friend to devour her while giving her a pussy beating a la doggy fashion. Katie switches places and puts the D in doggie while dining out. Katie uses her mouth and hands to persuade both stepsiblings to cum when it's Chanel's turn again. After Lucas gives Chanel the promised creampie, Katie sucks it out so the girls can play with the jizz.

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Molly Little and Chanel Camryn have a sleepover and Molly admits she likes her hot chocolate with sperm. Chanel advises Molly to ask Jay Romero to fuck her. Jay observes the girls' activities and raises the temperature, but they prefer something else. The girls work together to blow and suck Jay's balls, with Molly riding Chanel's tongue and Jay beating her back. The girls let Jay nut in their hot cocoa for the salty pleasure.
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This 8K remastered version of the timeless classic trio features Angela, Ms. White, Gabbie Carter, and two of the greatest pairs of pants in the universe. Angela talks about a fiery ménage à trois, while Ms. White is wearing more sultry knickers. Gabbie Carter is the nicest, bustiest, natural blonde, and two of the greatest pairs of pants are available for players to indulge in. This is a dream come true, so grab your Valve Index, Oculus Go, or Meta Quest 3 and start playing.