Warm hot chocolate is the first thing Molly Little and Chanel Camryn do when they have a sleepover. As they raise a toast to their friendship, Molly admits she like her hot chocolate with sperm. Chanel advises Molly to just ask Jay Romero to fuck her as she is aware of Molly's feelings for him. Jay casually strolls in to observe the girls' activities. He raises the temperature since they say they're cold. That is insufficient. Molly advises that Jay should try warming them up with something else. The females Because he's already attractive and firm, they can easily alternate caressing him. The females lay Jay down on the couch and collaborate to blow him and suck his balls. As Chanel helps his sexy little stepsibling get on board to ride his dick, Jay is left in wonder. Chanel then does a backward cowgirl pose. Molly sucks Chanel's pussy then goes on her knees for Jay to dick her down from behind. After that, Molly rides Chanel's tongue while Jay beats her with his fuck stick, giving Chanel a turn on her back. The girls let Jay nut in their hot cocoa when he's ready to blow so they can savor the salty pleasure.

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