Playing mother and daughter in the kitchen, Molly Little and her friend Sera Ryder are enjoying some whipped cream and gummy worms. Jay Romero, Molly's stepbrother, wonders who he can be, and he's told he can be the father. As Sera puts the gummy worm down her blouse and into her cleavage, Jay tries to grab it and she tells him he can have it if he comes to collect it. Molly, who has a family sex fetish, becomes envious of Sera's flirtation with Jay and approaches her buddy Sera by performing a very sensual gesture called "baby birding" with a gummy worm. Subsequently, Jay finds himself seated on the couch between Molly and Sera, who inquire as to why he is unaware of the concept of baby birding. After showing him the maneuver once more, Sera agrees to let Jay give it a go. Nevertheless, Sera lets go of the gummy worm so she can just plant a passionate kiss on Jay's lips. Molly, not to be outdone, takes off Jay's pants and starts suckling her stepbrother. When Sera notices what she's doing, she's glad to share, opening the door for a seductive trio. Sera offers that Molly be the first to ride her stepbrother as she was the one who started sucking him off first. While Sera watches and masturbates, the spinner stepsis climbs aboard Jay's fuck sticks and mounts him in reverse cowgirl fashion. As Molly sucks his balls, Sera tags out and shakes Jay's world in cowgirl fashion. As Sera eats Molly out, she gives her a doggy-style pussy beating on her knees. Then Sera rides Molly's face while she lies on her back for Jay to fuck her. Jay pulls out, nuts on Molly's stomach, allowing the girls to enjoy a puddle of his manly fluids.

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Molly Little and Chanel Camryn have a sleepover and Molly admits she likes her hot chocolate with sperm. Chanel advises Molly to ask Jay Romero to fuck her. Jay observes the girls' activities and raises the temperature, but they prefer something else. The girls work together to blow and suck Jay's balls, with Molly riding Chanel's tongue and Jay beating her back. The girls let Jay nut in their hot cocoa for the salty pleasure.
My Stepsis And I Share Everything - S4:E2
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Molly Little and her stepsister Harley King share a room with her lover Ricky Spanish. Molly wears a tiny dress that accentuates her chubby tits and nip. Harley urges Ricky to touch Molly's tits, securing a double date. Molly demonstrates seriousness by consuming her pussy. Ricky believes the girls and fucks Molly in the dog. After a double blowjob, Molly rubs her stepsister's clit and Harley gives Ricky a final ride in the dog.
How Far Can You Shoot Your Load Stepbrother - S20:E3
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Molly Little and Khloe Kapri discuss their love for blowing their load across different distances in Molly's bedroom. Jay Romero, Molly's stepbrother, overhears the conversation and makes fun of him. Molly and Khloe play with Jay, offering him a chance to fuck Molly if he can shoot his load five feet. Khloe licks Jay's balls and cock, but finds the show insufficient. Molly shares some of the D, while Khloe eats Molly out and performs a backwards cowgirl ride on the fuck stick. The girls bring Jay off again, giving him a sticky facial.
Bubble Cum - S2:E1
Nathan Bronson and Haley Reed both desire to fuck each other, but Nathan is unsure of how to act when he sees the girls trading spit for bubble gum. They make up for their actions and engage in a sexual activity. Nathan encourages the girls to suck their pussies, and Haley eventually joins in. He wants more than just a double deep throat BJ from his stepsister and her friend, and he lies on the bed to eat out both of their pussies. Aria gets her first stiffie ride on Nathan's fuck stick, and Haley gets a doggie spanking. As Aria swaps out with Haley, Nathan finds himself running out of stamina.
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Starting The Year Off With A Bang - S22:E1
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Caring Stepsister - S19:E9
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Oliver Flynn, a hot new stepbrother, is pursued by Sera Ryder and Lily Larimar, who decide to fuck him. They give Oliver a list of activities to do while following him around the house. Oliver is trapped and pinned in his bed, but they promise to leave him alone if he opens up for the thermometer. Oliver's pants are pulled down, and his briefs are exposed, revealing a raging hardon. Lily and Sera caress Oliver's cock, and they tag out for a cowgirl stiffie ride. Lily hops on to ride Sera's excited face, inviting Oliver back inside to bash her. When Oliver leaves Lily, Sera moves, and he watches as Sera snowballs Oliver's load with her best friend.