Molly Little and her stepsister Harley King share everything. While Harley and her lover Ricky Spanish are hanging out, Molly enters the room wearing a tiny dress that accentuates her chubby titties and is sufficiently sheer to reveal some nip. Molly has a little opportunity to spend time with Ricky before she bounces off while Harley heads to the kitchen to grab some munchies. Molly reappears later, dressed in an even more seductive outfit. Harley gives her space to sit in between Ricky and herself. Harley finally urges Ricky to touch Molly's tits since that's what she wants after some flirting on Molly's part. She tells him about the sharing policy she has with her stepsister, which guarantees Ricky a double date. Harley touches Molly's breasts and then reclines to allow Molly to consume her pussy, demonstrating her seriousness. At last, Ricky believes the girls when they say that Molly is already on her knees devouring Harley. With a quick flick of his hardon, he fucks Molly in the dog. After the sisters provide an enthusiastic double blowjob, Molly rubs her stepsister's clit while Harley Then Harley has Ricky give her a final ride in the dog. Ricky pulls out, nuts all over Harley's back, just as his own climax hits him. To share their treat together, Molly is immediately there to lick her stepsis clean and snowball the cum.

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