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Dude explores two hotties

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Stepsisters Valentines Day Free Use Gift - S7:E1
Threesome FFM
Madison Summers and her friend Tristan receive Valentine's Day cards and are excited when Tristan's stepbrother, Kyle Mason, presents them with a "Free Use" voucher. They collaborate to create a movie and watch a movie together. Tristan tries to fuck Madison, but she stops him and tries to sex with her. After a while, Madison beckons her to join her, and they all get on a stiffie ride. Madison falls to her knees and cries, but eventually stuffs her sticky twat into her busty BFF's mouth. Tristan gives her a missionary fuck and a holiday cream pie.
You Cant Get Me Off In Under Two Minutes - S23:E5
Threesome FFM
Molly Little and her friend Alex Coal are playing foosball together. Rico Hernandez, Molly's stepbrother, is constantly picking on them. Alex makes provocative hand gestures and promises to get rid of Rico in two minutes. Molly screams at him for judging her family's sexual fantasies. Rico joins the girls while using their phones in the living room. While speaking to Alex, he pulls his ass out and orders the girls to get rid of him. Molly half-heartedly protests but goes on her hands and knees to do it. Alex grinds and bumps into Rico, and Molly tags out with him. Rico kisses his stepsister and finds out she's not using birth control.
It Is Really Wet - S9:E9
Demi Hawks is angry and upset about the rain. She and her friend Tiana Blow are going to the supermarket. Demi's stepfather, Danny Steele, assures them they won't melt. However, they find their rain jackets transparent and unprotected. Danny spanks Demi and Tiana, then slaps them in the dog. Tiana cowgirls Danny, while Demi falls on her back. Tiana stifles Demi's cries, and Danny agrees to go to the store after blowing a nut inside her.
Its A Party In My Pants On Cinco De Mayo - S9:E3
Threesome FFM
Molly Little's stepbrother Robby Echo and Lana Smalls are enjoying Cinco de Mayo. Lana notices Robby staring at Molly and supports her. They invite Robby to their party, implying pinatas and good food. Robby opens the pinatas and rips Molly's costumes off, causing a heated scene. Molly assists Lana in mounting Robby's hardon, while Lana licks her friend's toes. They team up to persuade Robby to blow a load into Molly's coochie, which Lana laps up.
Bratty Cousins - S2:E9
Fitness Gym
April Snow and Andi Rye, friends, struggle to maintain friendships and practice yoga together. Damon Dice, April's stepfather, intervenes in their argument and spanks Andi. Andi becomes aroused by Damon's palm slapping and climaxes with a creampie. April confronts Damon about his outing with Andi, flashing her boobs and massages his dick. Damon feels the need to fuck her from behind and removes her underwear. Andi joins in, discovering Damon's affair with his stepdaughter. Damon enjoys fingering and fucking both girls, dropping to their knees to beat them from behind.
Make My Stepdaughter And I Pregnant - S17:E8
Threesome FFM
Lexi Luna, a close friend of Liz Jordan's father, and Ryan Driller, a friend of Liz's dad's, have a blended family. Liz wants Ryan's child, which appeals to Lexi, who wants to make her a girl. They plan to get into Ryan's underwear, spilling water on him, and removing his clothes. When Ryan's dick pops, they thank him and leave them alone. Lexi directs Ryan to get Liz pregnant, and they share a BJ. Ryan agrees to fuck both desperate girls, and Lexi goes for it in reverse cowgirl fashion. Liz can't resist masturbating, and Lexi makes Liz turn over for Ryan to give her a creampie.