Following the spontaneous trio of lesbians, Monica enters Rachel's flat to tidy up. Just as Rachel enters Monica's room to greet her, they are beginning to reminisce when Joey breaks in to steal food. While Monica disputes it, he is adamant that the girls must have been talking about him, but Rachel has other ideas. She implies that she and Joey had just been discussing fucking him when she speaks foul to him. In the end, Monica's strategy succeeds when he entices Rachel and her to share a kiss, which they all know will result in a three-way. The females take turns stroking and sucking as they pry Joey's firm dick out of his pants, marveling at its size. With their newfound ability to share, the females alternately work their way out of their garments. Rachel pulls her panties apart and massages her clit at the sight of Monica being the first to board. As he places Monica on the couch and glides inside, Joey makes sure to give her what's coming to her. Joey continues to live his dreams as Monica returns to observing him adopt Rachel's dog-style demeanor. After pulling Monica up close, Rachel massages her pussy down and puts her titties in her mouth. Rachel sulks at the sight of Monica climbing onto Joey's fuck stick and giving him a reverse cowgirl ride. Joey leaves as soon as Monica is satisfied, allowing Rachel to jack him off all over Monica's bush and complete their threesome.

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