While Jason X is attempting to work, Betzz and Lilly Bella, his staff, have other ideas. The females take their time putting on their underwear and giving one other tender kisses. After that, they change into gowns, examine their appearance, and apply makeup to one another. Once they're ready, they go to Jason's office. The women flank Jason, telling him he should quit working so hard all the time. Jason knows he's going to get to have some fun when Lilly grabs him by the tie, and the two of them bring him to the couch. Before long, the three are sultry kisses and passionate touches. Betzz gets down on her knees and takes Jason's pants down. When his stiffie breaks loose, Betzz can easily around it with her hands and mouth. Jason gets weak in the knees as Lilly bends down to join Betzz in a double BJ. Jason sits on the couch and watches Betzz slide up the arm. As Lilly continues to suck him dry, Jason has something to do with his mouth because her pussy is in the ideal eating position. Then, as she leans forward to lap at Betzz's twat, Lilly gets to place herself on Jason's hardon in reverse cowgirl mode. Lilly gives it her all, and Betzz seizes the chance to suck Jason's balls. Next, with Jason trailing behind her, Betzz drops to her knees. Her groans are muffled by Lilly's deft grab. At some point, Lilly drops to her knees on top of Betzz and creates a lesbian 69 while Jason hits her. They continue until Jason offers Betzz the top to suck clean after blowing his nut on Lilly's behind.

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