Angel Gostosa and Harley Haze are expected to collaborate in order to get ready for a date with Alex Legend, their sugar daddy. However, they have both spent their entire monthly stipend and have nothing to wear. Given their predicament, Angel devises a scheme to get Alex to take them shopping. The girls head down to the kitchen, where Alex is waiting, dressed in their skivvies. They paw at his dick and rub themselves all over Alex as he attempts to tell them he's already given them their allowance, but they beg for more. After a while Alex agrees, and Angel invites him to join them so they may express their gratitude to him. Angel and Harley dart into the bedroom, leading Alex inside. They turn Alex onto his back and let him play with his hardon. The girls get their party started in earnest by tagging team that delectable dick with their mouths and hands working in unison. When it comes time for the real fucking, the females share even more graciously. As Alex fucks her from behind, Angel drops to her knees. As she eats her girlfriend out, she buryes her moans in Harley's snatch. When it's Harley's turn, she swiftly moves forward, lifting her legs to provide Alex complete access to slip inside her coochie. Harley likes it when he gives her a good, deep kiss. Angel creeps on top of her friend's face to ride the tongue after checking to make sure Harley is having fun. Harley is very much looking forward to riding. Harley gets her dream as Alex lies down; she rocks her hips and impales herself on his hardon. Angel gets on Alex's tongue so that he may kiss her as Harley is riding. Alex reenters Angel and rolls over to spoon. He starts a wonderful, quick beat, which makes Angel slack her Harely picks that exact moment to put her pussy in Angel's licking range, providing her with a more useful mouth exercise. Harley is right there to lick it all up and give Angel a taste of the goods as Alex pulls out to shoot his load all over Angel's muff.

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