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What Happened With My Stepmom On Halloween - S14:E1
Kit Mercer, a married woman, was surprised by the relationship between her daughter Natalie Knight and her stepson Ricky Spanish. Despite tension, Natalie denies any wrongdoing. The family's themed costumes and Kit's involvement in their sexual activities make things interesting. Kit initially believes Ricky is her husband, but eventually realizes the issue. Natalie decides to tell her father, and Kit pulls Natalie in for a threesome, where they engage in sexual activities. Ricky breaks free from Natalie's grasp and takes him off, leaving Kit to enjoy the experience.
Will My Boobs Grow Bigger - S19:E2
Threesome FFM
Lulu Chu visits her stepmother Lexi Luna's bedroom to find space from her lover. Lexi reveals her amazing breasts and offers Lulu tips on self-confidence. She gives Lulu a facial to make her comfortable with her body. They enjoy mutual masturbation while Lexi flirts with her stepson's girlfriend. When Lexi's husband, Clark Kent, arrives, everything is going well. Lexi interrupts Clark, demonstrating his ability to devour women, and demonstrates a proper pussy beating. Lulu bows down to Clark, who gives her a doggy. The girls start sampling the jizz.
Thankful For My Stepmoms Titties - S14:E4
Threesome FFM
Thanksgiving is a difficult time for Reagan Foxx, her adoptive daughter Kiara Cole, and her stepson Kyle Mason. During the meal, Kyle reveals his stepmom's tits, which Kiara finds surprising. Despite Reagan's attempts to diffuse the situation, Kyle continues to push his adopted sister, Kiara, and eventually sucks his stepmother's titties. The family then moves into the bedroom for traditional family time. They give Kyle a double BJ, allowing Kiara to ride him in her pussy. Reagan works with Kiara to get Kyle off, ensuring a full-body cums, making Thanksgiving a more pleasant experience for the family.
Stepmom Shows Us The Ins And Outs Of Valentines Day - S19:E1
Threesome FFM
On Valentine's Day, Molly Little receives a remote-controlled bullet vibrator from her lover Codey Steele. She is excited to wear it on their date night. However, the vibrator remains stuck, making Molly noisy. Lauren Phillips, Molly's stepmother, attempts to remove it but fails. Lauren instructs Codey to massage Molly's clit, but Molly insists she must fuck Codey in front of her. Molly and her stepmother fuck Codey, and they share a BJ. When Codey finally pulls out, the girls share a surprise as he cums all over Molly's twat.
Stepmom Leaves Milk Out For Santa - S18:E9
Bunny Madison bakes cookies for Santa with Molly Little, her house guest. Nade Nasty, Bunny's stepson, discovers the cookies and their titillating titties. They warn him to turn in early. Nade sneaks outside to eat the milk and cookies, but is caught by Bunny and Molly. They become aroused when Nade agrees to suck their nipples. They celebrate on the couch, and Nade gets her hands all over Bunny's ass. Molly and Nade cooperate to blow Nade and suck his balls, and Nade gives Bunny one last fuck before returning home.
Make My Stepdaughter And I Pregnant - S17:E8
Threesome FFM
Lexi Luna, a close friend of Liz Jordan's father, and Ryan Driller, a friend of Liz's dad's, have a blended family. Liz wants Ryan's child, which appeals to Lexi, who wants to make her a girl. They plan to get into Ryan's underwear, spilling water on him, and removing his clothes. When Ryan's dick pops, they thank him and leave them alone. Lexi directs Ryan to get Liz pregnant, and they share a BJ. Ryan agrees to fuck both desperate girls, and Lexi goes for it in reverse cowgirl fashion. Liz can't resist masturbating, and Lexi makes Liz turn over for Ryan to give her a creampie.
Game On Stepmom - S18:E10
Fitness Gym
Ricky Spanish, Kimmy Kimm's boyfriend, enters a wrestling competition where Ember Snow, Ricky's stepmother, proposes a leg wrestling match to Kimmy. Kimmy loses again, but Ember offers to help her with squats. Ricky is surprised by Ember's offer, and they engage in a heated competition. Kimmy decides to fuck Ricky more effectively, and Ember lets him fuck her in the dog through the hole in her jeans. The girls argue again, and Ricky smacks Kimmy in the butt before Ricky's father intervenes.
How Is This For An April Fools Prank - S19:E3
Threesome FFM
Nick Strokes helps his girlfriend Leana Lovings and stepmother Jasmine Daze move out of their house. He splatters water on her shirt and gropes her breasts, but later tells her it was a joke. The girls pull a practical joke on Nick, taping him to a dolly and giving him a lesbian makeout. Leana invites Jasmine to try it with her, but they both suck Nick dry. As the trilogy ends, Leana eats her stepmother alive and slaps her boyfriend in the dog.
Whos Being Inappropriate - S4:E7
Threesome FFM
Sheena Ryder, a teacher, intervenes in a negative situation between Lilly Bell and Tyler Nixon, two students who have borrowed sporting goods. She teaches Tyler that a woman's sexuality doesn't equate to being a ho. She instructs Tyler to take down his pants and expose her large breasts, causing Tyler to become angry. Sheena then teaches Lilly how to properly cocksuck and demonstrates classic titty fuck and suck balls. Sheena realizes it's time to step things up and teach Lilly that it's acceptable to enjoy her sexuality without being called a ho. Sheena and Lilly suck Tyler off, and Tyler learns his mistake and promises to stop disparaging women in the future.