Kyle Mason knows how to convince his sultry stepsister to give him some. After making a hole in the shower curtain, he stands behind it and bides his time until Alexis Tae enters to use the restroom. Kyle protrudes through the hole and convinces Alexis that he is her lover when she shows up. Alexis drops down on her knees to suck Kyle off since she is amenable to being wooed. She continues until she hears Ryder Skye, her adopted mother, entering the restroom. Convinced that Alexis's boyfriend owns the hard cock in the shower, Ryder grabs her stepson's fuck stick and delivers a backhand of her own! Ryder, who shows amazing oral skills, doesn't stop until Kyle cracks a nut open in her mouth so she can swallow it. Later, to boast about receiving a covert BJ from Alexis, Kyle visits her room. In an attempt to gain the upper hand, Kyle claims that his adopted sister got him to jerk off so she could watch while Alexis freaked out and calls Ryder in. Alexis responds by pointing out that while Kyle was in the shower, he was acting like her lover. Ryder agrees to give Kyle a chance to get his virginity back for a little period of time when he tries to explain that he's desperate to lose it. Ryder goes on the bed, flashes her enormous tits, and pulls off her thong so Kyle can have some fun. Though Alexis can't believe what she's seeing, she soon has to concede that it's getting very hot. Alexis stares grudgingly at the screen in front of her before pulling the top of her blouse down to play with her titties. Then, in order to give Kyle a taste of doggy style, Ryder manipulates her adopted daughter into getting down on her hands and knees. After the threesome gets going, both Once the girls are content, they cooperate to give Kyle lots of pats till he gets all over their faces.

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Vanna Bardot and Nathan Bronson, her stepbrother, have a playful relationship, but they have a deeper need that neither acknowledges. Vanna and her friend Lulu Chu try to exact revenge on Nathan by giving each of their pussies a candy cane rub and asking him to taste it. They masturbate with candy canes, and Nathan becomes agitated when the girls tease him, leading to him being pushed to the ground. Vanna enjoys the sensation of Nathan's fuck stick feeling inside her, and she refuses to let it end without a bang. The girls band together to blow Nathan off his dick and rocks, and Vanna gives them a salty delight after cracking nuts into their mouths.
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