Scarlet Skies is getting ready to welcome her buddy Scarlett Alexis and tell her about her new partner. Scarlett is eager to meet the new guy because she believes he might be the one. But even as she prepares the house, she can't help but fantasize and experience flashbacks to her one-night stand from the night before. Scarlet can still feel how hard her mysterious man rocked her pussy. He gave her everything with his thick cock, from kissing her pussy to giving her a nice, hard fuck. You can only imagine how shocked Scarlet will be to discover that her lover from last night is, in fact, the mystery man when she answers the door to Scarlett. Jay Romero is introduced by Scarlett, and both of them are taken aback. Scarlet murmurs to him, "If he knew, what the hell was he doing?" while they wait for her to exit the room. Scarlett returns to the room and they attempt to split up, but Scarlett hears everything. She tells her best friend that it's okay and says she enjoys picturing her lover with other women. She gives Scarlett and Jay the instruction to kiss immediately after Scarlett makes her declaration. Scarlett maintains control by making demands that Scarlet and Jay comply with progressively less. It is obvious that the girls are all in on the threesome by the time they are sharing Jay's dick in a BJ. Scarlett decides that the blow job is finished and orders Scarlet to drop down on her knees so Jay may give her a doggie fuck. As Scarlett makes her way out of her garments, she has her titties licked. When she's bare, Jay continues to move her ocean while she leans back on her knees, allowing Scarlet to devour her pussy. Scarlett gets to experience the D next. She mounts Jay and rides him like a Scarlett lays Scarlet on her back with Jay tucked between her thighs so that Scarlett may watch again. After giving it a minute of intense staring, she gets on Scarlet's face and gives her a reverse cowgirl tongue fuck. Scarlett, holding hands with her best friend Scarlet, sucks Jay's fuck stick one last time as their threesome comes to an end. Jay is pleased to comply when she tells him it's time to cum. He exits and blows his nose in Scarlett's tummy, allowing her to share the treat with her friend and boyfriend while promising them that they will do this again.

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Betzz and Lilly Bella, his staff, enjoy a romantic evening together. They dress up, give each other tender kisses, and then go to Jason's office. They mock Jason for working too hard, but Lilly grabs him by the tie and brings him to the couch for passionate touches. Betzz takes Jason's pants down, and Lilly sucks him dry. They then engage in reverse cowgirl mode, sucking Jason's balls. Lilly creates a lesbian 69 while Jason hits her. They continue until Jason offers Betzz the top to suck clean.
Wishes Come True - S46:E16
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Lilly Bell and Blake Blossom, roommates, are getting ready for a night out. They flirt with each other and flirt with the idea of getting together. Blake reveals that Lilly has a boyfriend, Robby Echo, and they both realize they could have had each other. Lilly decides to seduce Robby onto the bed and seduce him and Blake into a threesome. They become intimate, nuzzling each other, and Robby enjoys the ride. The girls put Robby back on the bed, undressing and giving him samples of their tits. Lilly and Blake enjoy the full doggy treatment, and Blake joins in on the fun. Lilly mounts Robby in reverse cowgirl fashion, and Blake kisses her lips and boobs. Robby lets Blake aim his cum shot onto Lilly's stomach, leaving a pool of hot joy for the girls to share and play in.
Friends And Lovers - S46:E9
Ivi Rein and Lucky Bee, two friends, have just returned from a lingerie shopping trip. Ivi, Lucky's girlfriend, joins her and her boyfriend, Charlie Dean, in a threesome. They exchange bras and apply makeup, and Charlie observes. They suck dick enthusiastically, causing Ivi to end up on her back. Lucky then gorges on her, and the girls swap roles, allowing Ivi to ride Charlie in cowgirl mode. They create a lesbian 69, which Charlie offers to Ivi. Charlie fucks Ivi until he creampies her in a treat, leaving both girls happy.
New Years Game - S45:E26
Threesome FFM
Eliza Ibarra and Jill Kassidy, friends, celebrate New Year's Eve together. They play Never Have I Ever, a board game, and share sultry things, making them both want to drink. When Eliza admits she has never celebrated New Year's Eve as a threesome, they decide to try something new. They get wild, with Jill flashing her full breasts and tagging teaming her nipples. Eliza controls the trio, and they play with Danny's balls. They shake things up, ensuring he experiences his utmost intensity. Eliza and Jill enjoy a stiffie ride, and Eliza leans forward to lick her clit in a hotter lesbian 69. Danny surprises them with a salty surprise when he pulls out to nut on Jill's stomach.
Giving And Taking - S45:E11
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Angel Gostosa and Harley Haze are preparing for a date with their sugar daddy, Alex Legend. They have spent their entire monthly stipend and have nothing to wear. Angel devises a scheme to get Alex to take them shopping. They head to Alex's kitchen, dressed in skivvies, and paw at his dick. After expressing gratitude, Angel invites him to join them in the bedroom. They have a party, tagging their dick and sharing fucking. Angel reveals her moans to Harley, and they ride the tongue together. Harley gets her dream, and Angel gets on Alex's tongue to kiss her. Alex starts a beat, and Harley licks it all up, giving Angel a taste of the goods.
You Cant Ignore This - S45:E9
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Chanel Camryn and Aria Valencia find Max Fills engrossed in a video game, and they try to make him aware of their presence. They flirt with Max, revealing her thong and performing sensual stances. Chanel pushes Aria against the couch, and their passionate kisses grow. As they continue, Max neglects them, but the girls know he's sweet and hard for them. Chanel rides Max in reverse cowgirl mode, obstructing his screen view, and eventually fucks Aria in a doggy manner. Aria eats her BFF Pulling out, and Chanel guides Max's cum shot, leaving the trio in a state of afterglow.
Practice Makes Perfect - S45:E7
Chanel Camryn and Liz Jordan, dressed in their finest, strut and gloat before the mirror. Chanel is appreciative of Liz's decision to go out with her, admitting she hasn't had a kiss in a long time. They engage in sexual relations, and Milan is invited to join them. Chanel agrees, and Liz takes her to bed. Milan discovers Chanel's face in her friend's pussy, and Chanel trades places with Liz for a double blowjob. Liz then tries her boyfriend's fuck stick, and Chanel finds herself on her knees, gasping with joy as her twat is eaten out.
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Lady D and Alyssa Bounty return from shopping and engage in a heated sexual encounter. Lady D's roommate, Michael Fly, intervenes and they decide who will cum first. Michael accepts the invitation and climbs into bed with Alyssa and Lady D, kissing and undressing him. They exchange a double blowjob and push Michael onto his back. Lady D gets to go first, cowgirling her way back and forth. Alyssa rides on Michael's tongue, sucking Lady D clean and riding on his tongue. Lady D bows down, and Michael brightens her day in the doghouse.
The Good Life - S44:E30
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Blake Blossom directs and produces a new series of pictures featuring Vanna Bardot and Chad Alva. The shoot intensifies in sex, with the trio exposing their breasts and sucking and squeezing. Chad is included in the action, allowing them to see Blake's body up close. Blake leans forward and caresses Chad's posterior, while Vanna enjoys the honey between Blake's thighs. Blake and Vanna switch places, and Blake takes her turn on Chad, while Vanna tags out and slurps her juices from his hardon.
Whats Yours Is Mine - S44:E24
Threesome FFM
Freya Parker and Chanel Camryn rent a home and discover Ryan McLane wrapped in a towel. Chanel is drawn to Ryan, but Freya is defensive. Chanel makes overt sexual advances while Freya and Ryan try to work through the situation. Chanel caresses Ryan's attractive manhood, kissing his lips and performing a double BJ. The girls push Ryan into the couch, grabbing whatever they want. Chanel helps Freya with her cowgirl ride, wets Ryan's dick, and formally involves him in their passionate exchange. Ryan lets Chanel off, blowing Freya off, leaving the girls with a delicious treat.
Behind The Camera - S44:E23
Threesome FFM
Alex Mack takes pictures of Vanna Bardot and Blake Blossom, who get dressed and play together. They look gorgeous and make out, with Alex covering Vanna with his hands. Blake takes Vanna's top down for tanned titties, and the camera keeps snapping automatically. Vanna sucks Alex dry, while Blake puts on her miniskirt and eats pussy. Blake slides onto her back to pull off a deft snatch, while Vanna enjoys the D on her hands and knees. Blake takes Vanna's pleasure offer wholeheartedly, and when satisfied, she sucks Alex and gives them a double facial.
All Work And No Play - S44:E14
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Lilly Bella and Katie Rose prepare for an evening out, hugging and sharing lollipops. They kiss each other passionately before heading to Sam Bourne's office. Sam refuses to sample the candy, but they unite in a passionate kiss. Lilly kisses Sam, and they play double BJ on the couch. Katie crawls up Sam's body and mounts his mouth, while Lilly licks and sucks Katie's flaps. Katie enjoys her stiffie ride and gives in to Lilly for her own. Lilly takes Katie's place for her own cowgirl ride, and Katie hammers her clit. Lilly beckons Sam to give her a long, sweet, and salty kiss, savoring the delicacy with her tongue and fingertips.
What Secrets - S44:E6
Threesome FFM
Jayla De Angelis and Sharon White are flirtatious in the kitchen while their boyfriend Raul Costa lounges. Sharon becomes increasingly flirtatious, sucking her nipples and consuming her love's pussy secretions. Raul wants to get involved, but Jayla tries to hold the moan as her secret love consumes her. Raul kneels between Sharon's thighs and burrows his hand into her velvet glove, causing her to moan loudly. Jayla places her snatch precisely above Sharon's mouth, providing complete sensuous enjoyment. Raul assists Jayla in getting back on his cock, riding him in reverse cowgirl mode. Jayla rubs her feet and nibbles her toes while hitting all of her. Finally, the girls drop to their knees and assist Raul in blowing his load into their mouths, allowing them to exchange cummy kisses and call off their threesome.