Even if Chanel Camryn and Aria Valencia are resplendent, they have no one to take them out. They turn to find Max Fills engrossed in a video game. Chanel gets an idea when Max doesn't acknowledge them straight away. The girls use every effort to ensure that he is unable to disregard them going forward. The females try to chat with Max as they flank him on the couch. He pays them no mind. After taking off her garment to reveal her thong, Aria performs a number of sensual stances. Max is staring intently at the television, but Chanel is on the other side, doing the same thing. Chanel pushes Aria against the couch as the females gather to make up. Their kisses become more intense and passionate as their passion grows. Chanel uses her hands and tongue to gently ease Aria out of her thong. Aria dies trying everything in her power to make her buddy sigh, and as a result, her eyes close, her head tilts back, and her hand creeps toward Max's hardon. As Chanel approaches to give Aria a passionate kiss, she determines it's time to proceed to the next phase in her strategy to win Max over. Though he still makes a point of neglecting them, the females know that he's sweet and hard for them. Sucking and slurping his fuck stick, they work together when he slides off his pants. Chanel takes things a step further by perching herself on Max's dick with Aria's assistance. She rides him in reverse cowgirl mode initially, then in cowgirl mode while obstructing his screen view. This is the final straw that convinces Max to put down the controller and give the girls the beating down they've been waiting for. In order to fuck Aria in a doggy manner, Max gets her on her knees. Aria eats her BFF Pulling out, Chanel guides Max's cum shot as he finishes all over Aria's trimmed muff. A steamy threesome leaves the trio in a state of afterglow.

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