If she does a good job at her interview with Kate England, her dream will come true. As the two girls go through Kate's Q&A, they immediately click, and before long, they are taking off their clothing to allow Josie to lick and nibble Kate's tits before burying her face in her gorgeous pussy under her miniskirt. After her one-on-one meeting, Kate brings in a man who has been waiting in the wings to see how intensely sensuous Josie can go. Josie is happy to demonstrate her blowjob prowess by sucking like a Hoover and encircling her man's dick with her soft lips. Josie's excitement starts a threesome that only gets hotter and hotter! As Kate lowers herself to demonstrate her own blowjob prowess, she rides her man's cock. After that, all you have to do is do whatever feels nice while Josie spreads her legs wide and fucks with a lot of vigor! Josie's boyfriend takes advantage of Kate's exposed twat and gives her a pounding that sends her into the same level of bliss as Josie when the girls get into a 69 that allows them full access to one other's dripping snatches. He can't contain himself for another second, so he pulls out and gives Josie's conveniently located mouth a salty thumbs-up.

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