Visitation from Aiden Ashley, who is here to see her pal Jordan Maxx. The girls are chatting about a cheating spouse when Alex Mack, Jordan's stepson, enters the room. As soon as Jordan introduces them, he can see that Aiden is the object of Alex's lust. After telling him to stop using his player card, she instructs Alex to step out of the kitchen for the time being. Later, Alex joins Aiden and Jordan in the living room while they are carrying on their chat. He tells the two women how gorgeous they are and starts macking them after taking a seat. Jordan can no longer stand her stepson. She threatens to tie him to the chair if he doesn't stop it immediately. Jordan asks Aiden to assist her follow through on her promise when Alex seems confused and keeps making advances toward his sultry stepmother and her companion. After grabbing a roll of duck tape each, the girls start attaching Alex's chair. Aiden and Jordan plan to reenact a move they used to execute in college after they're positive Alex is immobile. They start kissing passionately and start making out. As soon as Aiden has Jordan on her back, she slides between her friend's thighs and laps at her pussy till Jordan lets out a delighted sigh. Then, while Alex looks on, Jordan treats Aiden the same way, devouring her best friend. Alex is as tough as a rock by the time the girls are both done. From across the room, they can see his hardon, and they can't help but want to pop it out and have some more fun. The females collaborate to share Alex's cock in a blowjob. Then they give Alex with a double pussy buffet to fuck as they're on their knees on the couch. Alex first responds to Jordan's snatch. Jordan seizes the chance to climb in front of her friend's face and suck her pussy again while Alex leans over to To allow Jordan to gorge on her twat even while she rides, Aiden positions herself on the back of the couch. Then Aiden takes the center stage; she lies down on her back, allowing Alex to pounce on her as Jordan perches on her face and licks Aiden's tongue. Pulling out, Alex gives Aiden a huge mess to play with by blowing his nut all over her tummy. The females recover from their ecstasy as they reminisce about their college years and how promiscuous they remain.

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