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How Far Can You Shoot Your Load Stepbrother - S20:E3
Threesome FFM
Molly Little and Khloe Kapri discuss their love for blowing their load across different distances in Molly's bedroom. Jay Romero, Molly's stepbrother, overhears the conversation and makes fun of him. Molly and Khloe play with Jay, offering him a chance to fuck Molly if he can shoot his load five feet. Khloe licks Jay's balls and cock, but finds the show insufficient. Molly shares some of the D, while Khloe eats Molly out and performs a backwards cowgirl ride on the fuck stick. The girls bring Jay off again, giving him a sticky facial.
My Step Sister Has A Girlfriend - S14:E10
Threesome FFM
Tony's stepsister Lily Larimar admits to seeing a new female, and Tony is eager to meet her. Megan Rain knocks on the door and makes out with Lily, discussing bikinis. The girls move to Lily's room, where Tony spyes on them and provides a ball-sucking double BJ. The girls get down on their knees and let Tony play with them. Lily experiences Tony's cock in the dog, while Megan repositions herself on her back. Tony pulls Megan closer, sinking his teeth into her snatch. The girls alternately ride Tony's fuck stick and blow him until he pops, giving them a crunchy treat.
We Want You - S9:E10
Lexi Lore and Vienna Black are competing in a Memorial Day body paint tournament. Codey Steele, Lexi's stepbrother, enjoys the scene and teases the girls. Vienna is intrigued but is scared off. Codey offers to leave in exchange for a handie. Vienna tries to encourage Lexi to join, but she is too grossed out. Vienna lets Codey slam into her twat, and Lexi rides along. After giving Vienna a beating, they blow him with a cum. Vienna is happy with the facial, but Lexi is furious.
Caring Stepsister - S19:E9
Threesome FFM
Oliver Flynn, a hot new stepbrother, is pursued by Sera Ryder and Lily Larimar, who decide to fuck him. They give Oliver a list of activities to do while following him around the house. Oliver is trapped and pinned in his bed, but they promise to leave him alone if he opens up for the thermometer. Oliver's pants are pulled down, and his briefs are exposed, revealing a raging hardon. Lily and Sera caress Oliver's cock, and they tag out for a cowgirl stiffie ride. Lily hops on to ride Sera's excited face, inviting Oliver back inside to bash her. When Oliver leaves Lily, Sera moves, and he watches as Sera snowballs Oliver's load with her best friend.
Only If You Are Lucky Stepbro - S22:E6
Threesome FFM
Scarlett Hampton's stepbrother, Jay Romero, interrupts Maria Anjel and Scarlett Hampton at a St. Patrick's Day celebration. They tease him about their shirts, which say "Ask Me, I Might," and their shamrock pasties. Maria and Scarlett try to convince Jay to indulge in Scarlett's stepfamily sex fetish before they reveal the goodies. They catch Jay eating cereal with his hardon, and Scarlett tells him to fuck her quickly before he rushes to get Scarlett's dad. The girls give Jay a double blowjob, and Maria indulges in a cowgirl pose while riding Jay's fuck stick.
Stepsis And Friend Need My Dick - S2:E5
Threesome FFM
Molly Little and Sera Ryder enjoy gummy worms and whipped cream in the kitchen. Molly's stepbrother, Jay Romero, asks if he can be the father. Sera demonstrates baby birding, a sensual gesture, and Jay is unaware of it. Molly sucks Jay off her pants, and Sera shares the act. The trio engages in a seductive scene, with Molly being the first to ride Jay. Sera shakes Jay's world, eating Molly out, and riding Molly's face. Jay pulls out, nuts on Molly's stomach, allowing the girls to enjoy a puddle of his manly fluids.
Taking Care Of My Step Bro - S16:E5
Threesome FFM
Alex Coal, a stepbrother, goes above and beyond to care for his injured wrist. Lilly Bell, a friend, becomes suspicious of Alex's efforts, believing there's more going on between the stepsiblings. When Alex gives Jay a bath and chases her away, Lilly becomes suspicious. She flashes her tits, but Alex insists there's no more. The stepsiblings go to the bedroom, where Alex petties Jay, sucking his cock to climax more quickly. Lilly's reaction surprises her, and she makes it a competition. Alex sets up a double BJ and cowgirl-rides Jay in reverse, causing Lilly to finger bang herself. The girls trade places, and Jay manages to satisfy Lilly. As long as Lilly can assist, she swears not to tell anyone about Alex's care.
I Win On Game Day - S3:E6
Lily Larimar and Britt Blair dress sexily for a big game, hoping Nathan Bronson will notice them. They play with the girls, and Nathan is taken aback when Lily jumps into his lap. The girls argue over whether Nathan moves his balls. Lily pulls Nathan's ass out and gives Britt a dare to suck it. They share his large one in a double BJ. Lily slides Nathan home, tags out with Britt, and lets Nathan fuck her in a doggie manner.
My Stepsisters Ass In A Box - S25:E6
Jay Romero is perusing Christmas gifts when his stepsister Molly Little and her companion Katie Kush discover him. They play pranks on him, revealing a unique gift. Molly and Katie suggest that Jay fuck Molly, but Jay still believes it's phony. Katie flirts with Jay while hosting Molly's party, and when she screams, she tells him he's been having an affair. The celebration continues, with the females giving Jay a double BJ and riding Jay's cowgirl fuck stick.