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What Happened With My Stepmom On Halloween - S14:E1
Kit Mercer, a married woman, was surprised by the relationship between her daughter Natalie Knight and her stepson Ricky Spanish. Despite tension, Natalie denies any wrongdoing. The family's themed costumes and Kit's involvement in their sexual activities make things interesting. Kit initially believes Ricky is her husband, but eventually realizes the issue. Natalie decides to tell her father, and Kit pulls Natalie in for a threesome, where they engage in sexual activities. Ricky breaks free from Natalie's grasp and takes him off, leaving Kit to enjoy the experience.
I Will Not Look At My Stepmoms Tits - S15:E10
Threesome FFM
Rion King is facing consequences for spying on his stepmother, Lexi Luna. Aila Donovan, Lexi's friend, notices Rion peeking down her shirt and writing. Despite her anger, Aila and Lexi run to buy food and ask Rion to help them put things away. Rion has a sexual vision where he sees his stepmother and her best friends, Lexi and Aila, on their knees in lingerie. Aila tries to humiliate Rion by revealing their breasts, but it doesn't work out. The girls reprimand Rion by tagging him and giving him a stiffie ride in cowgirl. As Rion's boner lasts, Lexi lies down and lets him beat her, while Aila seizes the chance to ride her friend's mouth. The girls hope they've cured Rion of his obsession.
Practice Makes Perfect - S45:E7
Chanel Camryn and Liz Jordan, dressed in their finest, strut and gloat before the mirror. Chanel is appreciative of Liz's decision to go out with her, admitting she hasn't had a kiss in a long time. They engage in sexual relations, and Milan is invited to join them. Chanel agrees, and Liz takes her to bed. Milan discovers Chanel's face in her friend's pussy, and Chanel trades places with Liz for a double blowjob. Liz then tries her boyfriend's fuck stick, and Chanel finds herself on her knees, gasping with joy as her twat is eaten out.
The Doppelganger - S43:E10
At a party, Ryan Mclean and Aubree Valentine are tasked with choosing a room for a ride on Little Red Riding Hood. However, they mistakenly believe it's Aubree, Maya Woulfe. Ryan crawls into bed, letting Maya blow his cock. Aubree returns, and Maya finds her boyfriend being blown off by another woman. Aubree agrees to spread love, and they engage in a passionate relationship. Ryan lies down in bed, allowing the girls to have their way with him. Maya, who is out on Ryan in cowgirl attire, pulls out just in time to give the girls a boost.
Best Laid Plans - S43:E3
Charles Dera, Anna Claire Clouds' sugar daddy, is surprised by Lily Larimar and Anna Claire Clouds. They are set up for a good time, with candles, flowers, and Anna. Lily is concealed behind the counter, and Charles agrees to wear a blindfold. Anna tests Charles' claim that he can detect his baby's touch from anywhere. Lily takes Charles's cock out and starts sucking him, but he still doesn't know who it is. Charles fucks Lilly while Anna rubs her clit, causing her to erupt with pleasure. As they drive home, Charles gives birth, resting his hands around Anna's waist. Anna leans in to play with Lily's twat, but she needs to stop to enjoy the moment. Charles blows his nut all over Anna's back, and Lily asks for permission before giving her a passionate kiss.
Mom Plays Match Maker - S14:E8
Tyler Nixon, a new neighbor of Lauren Phillips and her stepdaughter Lilly Bell, helps her carry groceries. Despite her boyfriend's reputation, Lilly stays with him due to his attractive penis. Lauren suggests Lilly try Tyler's penis, and they share a double BJ. Lilly discovers Tyler has a nice cock, which she enjoys riding. Lauren gives Tyler a spin, and he tries to hit her in the doggie. After another climax, Lilly decides to give Tyler another chance, as he can have two orgasms over her boyfriend's one. The story highlights the complexities of sexual relationships and the potential for sexual satisfaction.
Just Stick It In - S11:E1
Kyle Mason convinces his stepsister, Alexis Tae, to give him some sultry sex. He makes a hole in the shower curtain and convinces her that he is her lover. Alexis sucks Kyle off, but Ryder Skye, her adopted mother, enters the restroom and delivers a backhand. Ryder cracks a nut open in her mouth, and Kyle visits her room to boast about receiving a covert BJ. Ryder agrees to give Kyle a chance to lose his virginity, flashing her tits and pulling off her thong. Alexis admits it's getting hot, and Ryder manipulates her daughter into getting down on her hands and knees.