Andi Rose and her buddy Maya Woulfe are eager to play the activities from the squid show in order to follow the newest craze. Codey Steele, Andi's stepbrother, is given a security uniform to wear. The females then head to change into their new clothes. As she tries to find out if taking Codey's dick out would help her win, Maya gets quite invested in her role-playing. While she signs in to the computer to get them ready for the game, Andi instructs Maya to concentrate. They are, as it turns out, playing Dalgona. In an attempt to remove the shapes, the girls kiss the cookies to moisten them. While Andi is griping about running out of spit, Maya turns back to the security guard, Codey, and extracts his penis. Maya responds to Andi's protests by telling her that since she's out of spit, she needs his cum to get the cookie moist. Eventually, Andi sees the wisdom in that thought and offers to assist. The females will soon be giving Codey double BJs, but he refuses to cum! The girls had to work hard or else face the consequences as time is running short. As Andi assists her with her hands and mouth, Maya is the first to take off her jumpsuit and ride Codey's dick in a reverse cowgirl position. That's still not enough, so Andi gets on her back, takes off her jumpsuit, and asks Codey to give it to her. The next thing she does is take it in doggie, which allows her to go in there and watch Maya masturbate. Maya is there to hold up the cookies and get Codey to hit them with his cum shot when he's ready, allowing the girls to practice their Dalgona and play with the jizz at the same time.

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Swap Dad Came Into My Room Last Night - S1:E9
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In this episode of Family exchange, Kylie Rocket shares a secret with her exchange mother, Kenzie Taylor, about Charles Dera, her swap dad, who touched her last night in her room. Despite her initial disapproval, Kenzie waits for Charles to return home. When he returns, he finds Kenzie and the girls in the living room, both looking gorgeous. Kenzie instructs Kylie to take down her panties and shorts, and Charles takes care of her top half. Kylie performs acrobatics on her hands and knees, and is given a ride on her father's ding dong. Charles and his mother decide to make it a customary family get-together.